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Interested in Becoming Catholic?


The RCIA is a process whereby a person enters the Catholic Church.

You have perhaps heard and seen the acronym R C I A. It stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. 

The RCIA is for -- 
⇒ Persons who have never been baptized 
⇒ Persons who were baptized in another Christian tradition and are now interested in the Catholic tradition 
⇒ Person who were baptized in the Catholic tradition but were not raised Catholic

For more information interested persons may call Deacon Larry Day at the Parish Office 825-0618 or email at

R.C.I.A. Candidates...

July 2015...
As we head into a summer full of heat… and relaxation… and RAIN, let me put a plug in your ear concerning next year’s RCIA Program. We are often told as a staff of the RCIA Program by the people who come, that they often make that decision to come to the first meeting based on the encouragement of one person. Sometimes that person is a spouse or another member of the family, but much of the time, that person is a friend or somebody who sits next to them as they sit in church.


Now is the time to reach out and encourage another to consider being a candidate in the RCIA Program. I will be in all summer to answer any questions that anybody may have. Just ask anybody who may be interested, or may simply be curious, to call me at the Parish Office at their convenience… 825-0618.  Thanks! 

Deacon Larry

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