Ministries & Activities

Below are four categories of ministries and or activities of the parish. Placing your pointer on any one of them will open that listing as it appears in the parish Guidebook. There is a brief description of the ministry or activity, any requirements for training and the telephone of the person or office to contact if you are interested or have questions.

Spiritual Life & Worship

Faith Formation

Outreach Ministries

Parish Life

Faith Formation

Catholics Come Home: This is an opportunity for inactive Catholics who are seeking answers to questions about returning to the Church. The six week sessions allow an individual to come and ask questions, learn about changes since the Second Vatican Council and share faith. These sets of sessions take place 2 times per year. Contact: JoAnn Denzler (648-9072).

Early Childhood Teacher*:  Teachers and assistants plan lessons and conduct classes for the Early Childhood Program - 3, 4 and 5 year olds, on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Contact: Jennifer Wietmarschen (771-3932).

Elementary School Volunteer: St. John the Baptist School serves the parishes of Corpus Christi, St. John Neumann and St. John the Baptist. The school provides a quality Catholic education for our children. Corpus Christi members serving on the School Board are Roger Hollstegge, Renee Hayes and Steve Williams. For further information about enrollment, volunteer opportunities, etc., contact the Parish Office (825-0618) or the school (385-7970).                   

Rite of Christian Initiation: This process offers adults who are unbaptized or those who are members of other Christian communities, an opportunity to meet Corpus Christi parishioners, ask questions about the Catholic Church, and explore the message of Jesus Christ as experienced here. Adults who enter the process hopefully will make a final commitment to become full members of the Catholic Church. Contact: Deacon Larry Day (825-0618).

Rite of Christian Initiation For Children: This process is for children over the age of 7 to prepare for baptism or to be welcomed into the Catholic Church. This process takes several months with regular gatherings, leading up to the Easter Vigil. Contact: Pam McLaughlin (825-0618).

Sacramental Prep – Children: Catechists assist with special events during the preparation time for First Communion, First Reconciliation and Confirmation. Contact: Pam McLaughlin (825-0618).

Small Faith Communities: This is a parish renewal process which encourages reflection on the spiritual life of the individual as well as the community. Parishioners gather together in small groups to share faith with one another. These groups meet for 6 week intervals several times per year. Contact: Norm Zins (825-2969).

Summer RES (Program Volunteer): Grades 1-8 - Our Parish Religious Education for Grades 1-8 is a two-week, 40 hour program. This summer education experience is held at St. John the Baptist School on Dry Ridge Rd. Volunteers serve as classroom aides, playground assistants, and help with special projects. Contact: Pam McLaughlin (825-0618).

Vacation Bible School*: Teachers/aides and helpers assist during a week of learning, crafts, prayer, food and fun in the late summer. Contact: Pam McLaughlin (825-0618).

Youth Ministry Program**: This ministry strives to include youth in all aspects of Parish life. Youth at the Junior High and High School levels are served by helping them develop a relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, faith formation, religious education and social and service opportunities. The success of the program depends on the dedication of adult volunteers who are willing to develop healthy relationships with teenagers through sharing of faith, time and energy. This is an ideal ministry for married couples to share together. Ongoing training is available from both the parish and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Contact: Pam McLaughlin (825-0618). 

*   Opportunities for Youth
**  Must be Married Couple